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Pijamasets & Nightwears
Briefs And Shorts And Trunks
Tops Casual Wear
Tops Semi Casual Wear
Bottoms Casual Wear
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Casual Non Lined Jackets
Table Linen
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100% cotton, Single Jersey,Lycra Jersey, 2Theard & 3Theard Fleece Airtex, Honey Combed, Popcon P.K, Birds Eye.  
100% cotton, poplins, twills, light canvas
1x1 Rib, 2x2Rib, Lycra rib, Drop needle, Ottoman, Waffle, thermal.  
Madras, special madras, seersuckers, dobbies and jacquards.
Engineering stripes, Auto Stripes and feeder Stripes  
Mill made chks and stripes
All Kind Of Jacquard Fabrics  
100% Linen, chks and stripes, solids
80% Cotton 20% Polyester, 60%Cotton 40% Polyester  
Blended fabrics with cheif value cotton blends, in solids, checks and stripes
All Kind Of Blended Fabrics  
Corduroy, Velvett
  Cotton & Yarn  
  Cotton: We are capable of doing bio- cotton, Pima cotton, and usual cotton in our exclusive quality cotton stock for our continuous process of spinning.  
  Yarn In our process of spinning we can spin 20’s, 24’s, 30’s, . Single ply and double ply. The yarns are contamination foreign fibre free.
We can get the yarn from the Quality Mills and we used only Combed cotton fibers for our goods.
We are well equipped with advanced and high speed circular knitting machine and flat knit machine. In our circular knitting machine we are able to do both plain and yarn dyed to meet the requirements of our customers.

For woven fabrics, we are equipped with sophisticated Auto Looms for making plain, dobby and jacquard weaves.

The Knitting Unit has imported sophisticated high- speed circular knitting machines, which can knit a full range from jersey to several advanced designs.An imported flat knitting machine produces quality knitted collar material.

  Single Jersey, 2therad and 3therad fleece, Airtex, Honeycombed, PopconP.K, Birds Eye, and All Kind of Lycra Jerseys.
6 color Auto stripes and Feeder Stripes.
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